Ever wanted to know what it would be like to get into the next best thing such as a Formula One Car ???


Well Check Out The Exciting Driving Experiences at Castle Combe Circuit

Imagine the thrill of driving a single seater racing car around a real race circuit following in the tyre tracks of Hill, Coulthard, Mansell, Moss and Irvine? Castle Combe Circuit has been offering award winning driving experiences in Wiltshire for over 20 years and is regarded by some as one of the best driving experiences available on the market today.

They pride in there professional and friendly approach and always aim to go that extra mile.



We were invited to take on the Formula Ford Race Car Experience for the day, we were prepped with advice and knowledge from the  driving instructors, who are all race drivers past and present in a variety off classes.


Before you are able to drive off in the Formula Ford race car , you are taken through a circuit briefing advising you how to handle the car and the track, how to drive each corner like a pro driver. This is a vital part of information, it may be boring but trust us, if you want to be successful on the track and not end up spinning out on the grass (which is much easier than you think) then taking on there knowledge is key.

Don’t get me wrong its pretty cool when you spin off, but it could end your experience very quickly if you loose control of the vehicle. If your driving in wet weather condition’s you are given 2 chances, if you spin off and then go off again, the instructors will get you to come in as it could be a safety concern for others, there could be other concerns with your vehicle that need to be checked over, but providing everyone listens to the professional’s advice everyone will have a great day.


You will be paired up with a driving Instructor to go out on a 3-5 lap overview on how to take the corners and when to brake and lift off. You will then go out behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta and have your chance to wow the instructor with your driving skills,they will be looking for how well you listened to them and took on their advice .


Their is a sheet which will be filled out whilst your driving ,its nothing like your driving test but you are being assessed. But this is so much more fun, when your on a race track you will be in the racing zone.

We have met all the driving Instructors after taking the new photos for the Castle Combe website, and i have to say they are all very good at what they do and they will make you feel very relaxed and keep you smiling on and of the track .

Your technique behind the wheel is trying to taking the perfect corner to get the best possible time without locking up the wheel’s and spinning.


They will teach you all off this in the briefing, but aim for the red cones on each corner of the track .Then look for the apex you want to aim whilst turning the wheel , take the line to get as much speed as you can to make a good lap time. There are also Braking zones and when to come of the brakes , this will really help those off you who are new to this . It stops you from braking in the wrong sections and minimises your loss of control.


It was a real eye opener for me as i have raced before a couple off times in local Karting Championship and i have been lucky enough to do several experience days in a variety of cars , so i am aware of the racing lines and when to put my foot down. But the Formula Fords car was completely different and even though i was driving in the wet, when we were on track the back end really wanted to come out and play, which it did on 2 occasions .I had too much power coming out of the corner causing me to lose control.


Taking the corners at Castle Combe is go slow into the corner by hitting the Apex, and then put your foot down coming out to get the grip you need, but in the wet its slow and steady and dont over do it on the corners.

I learnt a lot from my experience at Castle Combe and i had a fantastic day, even doing it in the rain just added to the experience anyone who wants to have a cracking day out its the perfect gift for either Christmas or a Birthday. Have a look at the options and see which one is best for you.

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Here are some photo’s we have taken from the other Experience Rides and you can just see how fun they look, and we had a great time on every single one, but we have to say our best one would be the Formula Ford.