Stuart McLaren Hitting the track with his new Cooper AM Class for the first time ever in the MINI CHALLENGE UK

After speaking with Stuart, and having a great all round performance from Oulton Park Track Day Testing, he was keen to tell us all about the feel of the car, and what he can bring to the grid with ample of miles of experience behind the wheel.

Stuart has CarSceneUKMedia have teamed up to support him in 2017 and will provide photo coverage with video support out on track to help build his portfolio more.

Stuart is a father of 2 and has a great team of support by his family and freinds, which working in the field of cancer research until Spring 2016 he had the urge to follow his dream and made a huge career change.

Stuart now run’s a small company, McLaren0260, where he provide himself as a professional driver. He contract out to various experience companies where he teaches drifting, driving supercars, racing lines and take passengers on hot laps.

With the support of his family he is also finally getting a chance to have his rookie race season, which is something he has been building up too for some time….

Stuart used to rebuild minis in the late 80s and early 90s and so getting a chance to race in the MINI Challenge is awesome…

Deep inside there is still the kid who started karting when he was 8 and felt a rush of adrenaline that nothing else can provide apart from motorsport.

He has done his bit for the world of science and now he is dedicating his every fibre to being on the tarmac. His car has been built by Hybrid Tune Racing and he is raring to go…