ATLAS Sport stands at the vanguard of helmet innovation and engineering. It’s outer shell is constructed using a next generation material that is both lighter and stronger than Carbon Fibre.

Stronger and lighter than Carbon.

Enhanced M-FORGE® Fibre Technology.

Ruroc has made a strategic alliance with the material engineers who created the world’s lightest and most resilient protective material used in the helmet industry.

The M-FORGE® Composite, used to construct the ATLAS sport, boast a 30% weight reduction in comparison to full Carbon Fibre SNELL rated shells. The fusion of a uniquely engineered Expanded Poly-Propylene liner with the newly developed M-FORGE® Composite has delivered impact results far great than ever seen with a Carbon Fibre helmet.

ATLAS Sport in Trail configuration is the ultimate off-road set up. Unlike other Off-Road helmets, the ATLAS seamlessly integrates the helmet and goggles. The Ruroc patented RAID Technology prevents the ATLAS overheating and eliminates goggle fog through the use of strategically placed vent channels.

ATLAS is comprised of a multi-layer construction that fuses M-Forge Fibres with EPP to form a world-class Rebound Protection System.

Competition ready. UK Gold and US Highest Comp Standard Certified. Hungry for speed? This beast is.