Radical Remaps Open Day 2015

On 11th April the Radical Team had a Open day / Car event on for people to come up and see what they do in a more detailed mannor.


The day was a success and a good day all round in catching up with all and having some fun taking photos of people’s rides on 4 wheels & 2 also…

They had Dragon Tuners their with a stand and own Models were there doing what they do best, and James head man of the club was their to support the Radical Recovery Truck which is used to rescue anyone who has broken down.


Radical Recovery Services is part of Radical Auto Services. Available 24Hrs, 7Days a week for all your recovery needs, at very competivie prices.

Dragon Tuners Club Section of Photos from the day below:

Dragon Tuners Model’s

With others coming in after another show later on in the day meant more time behind the lens for me and produce some pretty good photos for the guys who were out in force on the day.

Dip Demons

Jad from Dip Demons came up to see the guy’s and have some photos taken with live music and food to feed 5000 people…

With having another event on the same day meant it was going to be difficult to say who would come and who wouldnt as both events were different. This was a trial and error and came out on top with a good day all round, after an event was put up after this event was listed.

Glen came up with his Range Rover and had to park in the best place on site………….


But after speaking with the Radical Team we will be working together more for another one in the summer which will be much bigger with a much bigger budget and more more going on…….


Update on this will be up on the social networks when a date is announced and something new which is across the road from Radical Remaps is another partner in the MotorShow is MS Custom Graphics has a new Unit which will be open on the day and welcome to go in and see whats new behind the scenes……


Ms Custom Graphics make and sell stickers for your car or anything that they can do with regards to stickers of many types and graphics. currently based in Exeter and needing a new premisses with enough room to have a car or two in the building to work on was important due to the last place was not suitable with the different weather condition’s.


Sadie who many know has been doing this for year’s and nothing is too much trouble. If anyone is looking for some stickers of anything, then give them a call today…..