Well, what an amazing weekend we have just had with Austin’s first national race in Super One Series New Era Bambino Championship, so much hard work and training in preparation that Austin has put in, has paid off.

Honestly I know all parents will be bias, but the physical and mental strength Austin showed this weekend is truly exceptional, plus his resilience and confidence.

Austin has only just turned 6 so one of the youngest competitors on the grid, his competition both up and down the grid are all truly amazing champions and such an honour to be able to be on this journey.

Very proud family of what Austin has achieved. We could not have done this without all the help we have received on the build up to this, so firstly massive thanks to his sponsors

SDS Builders & Decorators
StuLane Motorsport Websites
Oakfield Estate Agents
Car Scene UK Media

Also a big shout out for all your help and support to the following VENOM RACE Engines, JamSport Racing, Billy Jamieson, Kaos Helmet Design, Lee Clarke, Jamie Porter, AB Race Cruisers.

Please can you all follow and share Austin Newstead Racing journey.

Thank you 🙏