Excelr8 Motorsport Official Photo-Shoot with the 24hr MINI Endurance Race Car


With the car pretty much raring to go and hit the track, we decided it was time for a shoot to be done at the unit where Excelr8 Motorsport do there thing.


Thank’s to all the sponsors and people that helped make this possible with the team working hard around the clock to get this beast of a car ready.


It was going to compete in a 24hr race but with driver technical issues, and not getting the right number of drivers in time, this was not possible to carry out.


The car need’s some fine tuning with brakes being too soft and tested by Rob Smith who races in the MINI CHALLENGE UK Championship Car Number 37 said it was a thril to get behind the wheel in this car. There are differences in what i drive in the Challenge and set up is somewhat the same but finer details vary.


Going 24hrs you need to have good brakes and stop when you need too, with testing recently the brakes were too soft, so this is something that the team will fine tune, to get the car running and braking in just right for next season.


Without going into more detail at this stage here are the photos from the Shoot:

20161018-dsc_2839 20161018-dsc_2836 20161018-dsc_2830 20161018-dsc_2827 20161018-dsc_2772 20161018-dsc_2741 20161018-dsc_2718 20161018-dsc_2701 20161018-dsc_2649 20161018-dsc_2650 20161018-dsc_2652 20161018-dsc_2657 20161018-dsc_2674 20161018-dsc_2678 20161018-dsc_2668