Moonshine was established in 2020 by Josh Roles (Ex McLaren F1 mechanic, Business start-up guru and avid detailer) and Dan Regan (Engineering genius, commercially savvy businessman

The goal was to create a new brand of detailing product which leads the industry in a new category which they have created – Premium Sustainable Detailing Products.

Many companies have attempted to push the automotive detailing world in to a new category of “eco friendly” products to promote the good they are doing to save the planet.

However, when they are doing this they are substituting the chemicals in the products (which does the hard work of cleaning) for natural ingredients which aren’t so good at cleaning, decontaminating or protecting the paintwork.

Moonshine was created to become the industry leaders in a new category in which we have created – Premium sustainable detailing products. We do not compromise on the quality of our products.

The most important thing for us is quality.

This means you get the high quality cleaning and decontaminating power you’d expect. Second is passion, we are detailers and perfectionists. “that’ll do” just doesn’t cut it! Thirdly, we want to encourage sustainability.

This is why we are the only detailing brand in the world to use glass bottles. Whilst carrying out the business case study, it was found that over 13 million plastic detailing product bottles are thrown away every year in the UK alone.

Not only has moonshine become the industry leaders in premium sustainable detailing products, they aim to launch a UK network of refill stations to allow consumers of moonshine to refill their bottles.

This will allow the consumers to have the same premium high quality products but in a sustainable, refillable classy glass bottle. The network is taking shape rather nicely and will be in full force by summer 2021! Moonshine is priced very competitively.

In fact, they sit right in the middle in comparison to other product prices. They retail at Ripper (citrus) – £9.95 Froth (snow foam) – £9.95 Flawless (Shampoo) – £11.95 Purge (wheel cleaner) – £8.95 Purify (Iron out) – £11.95 Calibre (interior cleaner) – £8.95 Quick Shine (Quick detailer) – £9.95 They refill at Ripper (citrus) – £6.95 (Save £3) Froth (snow foam) – £6.95 (Save £3) Flawless (Shampoo) – £7.95 (Save £4) Purge (wheel cleaner) – £6.95 (Save £2) Purify (Iron out) – £7.95 (Save £4) Calibre (interior cleaner) – £6.95 (Save £2) Quick Shine (Quick detailer) – £6.95 (Save £3)

Josh and Dan are chatty down to earth people who love to chat all things automotive. They are looking to get moonshine off the ground and in to the hands of people who love to detail and who expect a great product.