After some talk’s with KickerUK we have managed to get a Boot Install with some awesome Sound & BASS


After collecting the kit from them, we were very excited to see what this kit can do with a standard car sound system, to a high-tech system with intergrated custom made tweeters.


Jay from DeeJay Custom Audio Installs fitted the kit to the Astra, with a full day ahead of us looking at the sub and wire install. The Astra headunit is not one of the easiest to take out but managed to take out the unit and wire her up to its main interface.

Like to say a massive thank’s to Jay for fitting this and making it sound great and thanks to the Kicker guy’s. Product is awesome & Very Loud for what it is…


KickerUK was aware that i look good base and they sent down the COMP R Sub which is loud & Deep. The Sub itself is a good size and really a show stopper in appearance with the very cool KICKER Logo inbedded on top.


after talks with them it was important to still have space in the back of the boot to carry my Camera Kit and everything else, but with the long travel’s i do all over the country i NEED GOOD SOUNDS…..


To minimise taking too much space up, the design was to place the amplifier on the side nearside of the boot mounted on cosmetic back board with the interior trim to match, so it didnt look out of shape.

boot-sidepanel-backplate amp-uncovered amp-closeup

After the install was set up and ready to turn the power on, the Kicker we used produced so much bass we had to modify some of the interior trim with Dynaliner to stop it from vibrating.


The most interesting piece of the build was the Tweeter Pods which was custom made to give a better angle to the tweeter


The products used within the vehicle are:
Front Doors & dash:

· Kicker KSS674 165mm component speakers 250W peak power
· Dynamat Xtreme sound damping material

door-dynamatted-oe-coverBoot Install:

· Kicker KX800/5 5 channel 800W system Amplifieramp-closeup


· Kicker COMP R vented 12” enclosure 1000W peak power

subbox-closeup install5closeup install3 install4 install1

· Dynamat Xtreme sound damping material & Dynaliner insulation material
· Kicker & Celsus cabling

amp-uncovered dash img_1762

The products within this system have a value of over £1500 at retail not including the installation time