Lets Never forget our main guy Ash Sampson (AKA Lower The Better)

Ash was a legend in the car community with his mad ideas of lowering cars to a crazy sound system in his floor level car. Sadly Ash was diagnosed with throat cancer, which was a shock to most but ash seemed to crack on with things and didn’t let it beat him down too much.


Met ash a few years ago at a local car event in the southwest, which i could only describe the car he was in is How Low can you go or something along those lines. He had a wicked sense of humor and he was crazy about Low Rider cars and the Modified Scene


The car’s above is what we all loved about these two, both His & Her’s Vw GTI Modified car’s were a crowd gathering, with the mods and lowering kit on both to match in one or two way’s. With Ash being ash he would have it much lower, so he was pretty much touching the ground with his seat.


On the other hand of having not a lot of suspension, it was easy to clean the car while moving, which was always a great photo to have taken which you can see with the below photos how its done by a pro……



Having such a car like Ash had to have a lot of work done to get it show worthy, and please the crowd with the looks and the awesome wheels he had on the beast which his other half Lorrayne white had the pleasure of buffing them until you could see your face in them.


At most of the events he always use to bring another thing that would get seen at every event, and had our logo on the little drifter was his RC Drift car spinning around the place and got some real cool footage with the GoPro on top.


Really finding it hard that i am sharing these photos with you, and knowing i won’t have our banter that we use to have at the meets we went too and attended charity days and having a good few monsters or Red Bull along the way but, we had some very good times..


The photo above was when we attended the BBC Devon Car Meet in Plymouth which was a baking hot day and it wasn’t fun cleaning my Audi, as it took 2 hrs todo and Ash was winding me up saying how long does it take… No Comment lol


All i can say about this photo, is Size does matter and its not always what you do with it, but its how you erect such a big aerial for a small car is the issue when it touches some bridges and tunnels….


Classic photo which Mat Wheeler and Ash was having a general conversation and holding up all the traffic behind, but its the normal thing for these two in taking up the road, as more room the better to drift eh Matt……


Brotherly love with these two were always good and Ash was a true chap that didn’t get into any banter and kept things on a even keel and just a all round good chap. People like Ash is very hard to find, but this is a great loss to us all.


^^ Having a LOW CAR sometimes needs to have a slight adjustment when it comes to show time. ^^


The His & Her Car was on the stand for the Southwest Autosport Show this year which again had head turnings and the shine coming from the cars was just awesome as per usual…


Ash loved Rolling Road shots that i do as he always had some idea in how to get a funny photo of him either in side the car or hanging out of it. Yes Hanging out the car while driving… Don’t ask but it gets good likes and follows….


Leaving another show on the map was the Alphington Football Club Charity Event with MS Custom Graphics which we all had a great day, and then Ash and a few others headed to another meet in Bristol for the Crispy Kreem Meet.


New wheels or Ash meant another project was on the cards and making this lower was something on the list todo on the first day of having it. The wheels were bending out from the rear which looked sick, and took some photos from the rear looking up, which looked mental.


With all the years covering the CarScene i have never met someone that has gone any lower than Ash Sampson. He just had something about cars that had to be smacking the rims on the floor and lucky to have a spine left when you get out of it from a long trip. Ash had class when it came to his cars or working on his partners car, and really loved getting messy and getting it to where he wanted it.


The engine in the VW GTI was very clean and no spec of rust dust oil or anything for that matter in and around the engine bay, which was a must for show cars like Ash had. Parts were dipped to give of the Skull effect and making it just look different to the rest out there.


The man behind the mask was Ash and had a unique feature in the GTI with its all black feature and then the white mask of doom. A few asked why did he have it and the reply was to most of them, why not, its a feature of the car and makes good photos when behind the wheel…..


Ever seen 2 cars so alike, well here we have them, one with space in the back and one without. Ash liked his music and the sub and amp took up pretty much the whole back end of the car which came in handy for the ride but no where to store things lol…..

Like Ash there are not many people out there who are a all round good guy and just loved being out there and doing things. Attending events at weekends with his partner was always on the cards to get out and have fun. With having lost a very good mate and team member of the Car Community, i am sure there will be an event on to show him that we will miss him, but will never forget.

Our thoughts go out to his family and close friends at this heart braking time, and together we will make sure he has a final farewell, and say our good byes on the day where we lay him to rest, and his new adventure in the next world will start all over again.

My Thoughts and great sadness to the family and his partner………

Mark Campbell