Honda believes that by pushing themselves, everyone can surpass their own perceived limits. This philosophy is the foundation behind the brand, and has been fundamental in the development of Honda’s new range of products and continuing innovations: Honda is committed to finding out what its products are capable of by continually pushing its vehicles and technology to the limit.

During 2015 Honda will launch several new products, each developed with this very spirit. Featured in the advert alongside ASIMO and Honda Jet are the new Honda Jazz, HR-V, Civic Type R and NSX, offering a glimpse into the exciting range of models set to join the marque’s fleet.

Rather than just telling the story of Honda’s pioneering spirit and commitment to progress, the campaign challenges viewers’ reading speed, allowing them to feel the joy of improvement for themselves. A manifesto is delivered one word at a time, with the pace increasing throughout the film, intercut with glimpses of the new Honda fleet, which are all born from the company’s challenging spirit.

Keep Up Honda campaign (4)