Heading to Oulton Park came with some wet weather condition’s

Scott had a good pace through Saturday’s Qualifying but with Red Flags through it made it very difficult to get a good lap in without having any hold up’s or traffic.

He managed to qualify 15th which he was quite happy with as he didn’t get a clear lap, however they felt for the upcoming races they needed to change there set up as they knew it wasn’t right.

Overall there was a lot of time still to find from driving the car. Race 1 had very difficult conditions as all the cars were on wet tyres in the dry. He only had limited time in seat due to budget restrictions so these conditions didn’t give him too much confidence.

Also to make it worse He locked up very early in the race which made the tyres even harder to use and had to take it easy for a few laps to cool them down, this left him in 26th place and unfortunately the race was over before he could get going again.

Race 2: Due to race ones result he had to start 26th on the grid but was determined to make a few positions, aiming for a top 18.

He had a decent start considering last year it was his main weakness and manged to overtake a few cars straight away. As the race spread out it was making it harder to catch up with the other cars meaning he was only able to overtake a car per lap, as it was only a 7 lap race due to time restrictions he got to 18th as I crossed the line.

  He was happier with this result then the previous race however Scott feel’s he has a lot more to give and hope he can get up to speed at Rockingham!