Race Report From Gary Prebble


 Entering the last race is always a nervous time when a championship is at steak, I had cut my chances of winning dramatically due to not scoring any points in the all important double header round the previous race, this was due to pushing that little too hard in the wet and aquaplaning straight off the circuit to find the barriers waiting for me at quarry corner!

So I went from comfortably leading the championship to now four points behind! Basically I had to give it my all and hope my rival Tony Hutchings would have an issue as he needed to finish worse than third to let the championship slip through his fingers.

The start of the day was great I put my Leon on pole with a 1:13.5 basically a second ahead of the next fastest guy Chab in in Megan, Tony was a close third, this was a relief as in my accident we had to rebuild the engine due to losing oil and wrecking the bottom half of the engine so I was only hoping it was as good as before.

There was plenty of banter before the race as there normally is in our championship, I knew I had to give it my all and Tony just needed to play it safe!

As the lights went out I got a perfect start and was where I needed to be, I had Tony right behind me so I got my head down and went for it building a gap lap by lap which wasn’t easy as Tony dolly in his 205 lost all its oil at the entrance into bobbies making it very difficult.


I could see Tony’s Audi slowing getting smaller in my mirrors as I pushed on to protect my lead, as the race got to the closing stages I could feel my car wasn’t right, it felt like a left puncture, the car was pulling left and by now was starting to make some strange noise which I soon discovered as my gear changes got tighter the gearbox was letting go.


I had to slow right down praying I would make it to the finish line, I thankfully did limping across the line to take that all important win, but unbeknown to me there was an incident I believe on the last lap with Tony and Dave Scaramanger which resulted in Tony having a slight spin which not only put Dave in front but also Chab in his Megan.


This demoted Tony to forth giving me the championship, I was so shocked at the time I thought Tony had done enough! I guess


that’s racing! it,s never over till it’s over!

Would like to THANK my Sponsor’s Foremanhomes and Fuchs lubricants for there help this year and CarSceneUK in the images he got from this year.
We will now make some small improvements to the car and try to take the overall championship in 2016