We Bring you the Pure Final Rinse PFR1 Unit Rinse Machine

For all those that wash their cars on a regular basis, you really need to check this unit out which not only save you time, but will preserve the outcome of how clean your car could be and SHINE with minimal efforts…

after washing your car and then leave you normaly get those horrid spots left on the car if you dont dry properly. Well with the PFR1 this will solve tis problem with using Pure Water and leave a streak-free finish to your car.

The unit came after a few days after speaking with the guys from PureFinalRinse in a hard case box with the unit inside and attachements.

They have 3 versions depending on what your using it for, and if it’s for your own car, up to Business use which you would need the larger one.

I have used this a few times now on my own car to Racing cars with decals on for the harder soaks. This unit itself is light and comes with handles for ease of movement.

You can get wheels for this unit and the others for the heavier units to make things even more easier to move around the vehicle.

with the built in TDS Meter it’s very easy to know the flow of the water going through the system. this helps by not needing to test the water, just plug in and away you go…

The process is very easy, plug in flow it through and try and get to 1ppm and let the machine do its work. The single bag version on this unit again is very easy to replace. the handle on top you push down and twist, take out the bag and then put the new one in… SIMPLE AS PEAS….

cost for the units vary so the price currently are as follows

Pure Final Rinse – Single bag Vessel

Pure Final Rinse – Double bag Vessel

Pure Final Rinse – Quad bag Vessel

Revolutionary Filtration System

Have you ever wondered why your car and windows never seem to be crystal clear and free from water spots even after rinsing several times? You’ve used the preferred two bucket method of car cleaning, and then set about rinsing and rinsing, followed by what seemed to be a three hour buff job even though it was probably only thirty minutes. What many people don’t understand is the reason for those water spots on the windows and paint once they are finished washing their vehicle. Even buffing leaves streaks and spots that are simply impossible to get rid of. Hard water, chemical additives and improper drying are all contributing factors and each of those can be avoided with our revolutionary DI filter system that is easy to use and certainly more cost effective than anything else out there. Simply plug inline to your hose for rinsing down the vehicle to wash away any impurities leaving 0ppm pure filtered water with no need to dry off. Why? Because water evaporates and in the absence of minerals and impurities there is nothing to stay behind. Your car will be as fresh and shiny as the day you drove it off the lot.

Quick and easy for anyone who works in a team or club to showcase there car with minimal effort needs to have one of these.

My View on the Pure FinalRinse Unit is an awesome product that works well in any condition, having filtered water is much better than normal due to the metal fragments that leave those spots on the car if you dont dry it off properly.

the unit itself i find a little pricey, but as it comes with a TDS Meter this proves it’s worth and i would say to any pro out there GET ONE TODAY…