Castle Combe 2015 Marshal Training

On Sunday 29th March we were at Castle Combe Race Circuit for the Marshal Training Day which many new and old Marshal’s gathered for the start of the 2015 season.


Richard Beard Head of the Marshal’s had a very busy day ahead for the group in carrying out practical scenarios to whats new for 2015 and First Aid Training.



Being a Marshal hold’s responsibility but comes with a lot of fun at the same time, which you can make new friends in enjoying the same thing like most, Motorsport Racing 



Getting started in Motor Racing at Castle Combe Circuit doesn’t have to be in a competition car, neither does it have to be expensive, in fact it’s cheaper than spectating!

You can get started by being a MARSHAL, a terrifically challenging, exciting, demanding and rewarding activity.



While at Castle Combe I had the pleasure in having some time with the Medical Team at Castle Combe and was overwhelmed by what they had to say and how much they really enjoy giving their time and level of expertise to Castle Combe with a great bunch of medical personnel.


Head of the Medical Doctor Team has a big background in his time being a Doctor and working in his local and other Hospitals where required, and while not doing this you can normally find him at different events from Formula 1 to other motorsport events and all the events at Castle Combe.


Without the Medical Team there would be no racing or any events due to the Health & Safety and MSA regulations which is quite right in providing the level of care when needed, in such incidents you would expect out on track.

Same with Marshal’s too without them again, NO race meets would be able to take place, so they are gods in the heart of Motorsport Events all over the world and they all deserve a clap in my opinion.

The Rescue Team at Castle Combe come from all walks of life, and have met many of them while being part of the Media and building a relationship with them on each event i have covered.


I have much respect for every single person that makes things run smoothly out on track and in the paddock. When the team are called out, they rectify the issue and patient care is 110%. Making sure everyone comes in and goes home again is something that the head of Castle Combe only wants to enjoy the time they have here, and not get taken away by ambulance.


The photo’s here from the day is a very small part in what they do, and what training is involved to make sure when you are faced with an incident you are safe in carrying out the task and work as part of a team to make sure you minimise any other issues while recovering the driver or vehicle in the correct manner.


So some more information in How you can apply to be a Marshal and what you require to become a fully fledge Marshal and progress to Rescue or medical staff and more.

Castle Combe is one of the best places to become a Marshal due to its great team working together and making Combe a really good place to work and have fun on action days.

If you cannot yet afford to compete, Marshalling can be just the place to give you the perfect grooming and insight into how to race once you are out there, the correct racing line, the positioning of the flag points, understanding of the regulations and much more.


On the other hand, you may have no aspirations to compete, but you simply want to get more involved in Castle Combe Circuit. So you can do it!


So what’s involved in being a Marshal?

In short, a lot, however the governing body of Motor Sport, the MSA, have put in place an outstanding structure for entry-level Marshals, along with a development ladder upon which you may wish to grow, this process will take you through much training and development.

But to get started, the best place is to attend the introductory novice Marshals Training day, usually held in March each year. Having attended this day, you will have a clear perspective of what it’s like to be a Marshal and if you like what you see and hear, and are committed enough to want to get involved, then your Marshalling career starts right there.


But remember, a Marshal acts as an official of the event and as such you need to turn up early, 07.30am, and you could still be on duty as late as 18.30pm, so Marshalling is a long but fulfilling day.


Marshalling will cost you nothing as it is a voluntary hobby, the only equipment you need is good waterproof clothing and stout footwear. There are many starting off duties to introduce you to the art of Marshalling, many start in the busy assembly/paddock area, where you can get to know the drivers and better understand the cars.


The startline area is another good starting off point, as here you get involved with pit lane and grid duties. However if you don’t fancy being out in the elements all day, then there are a variety of Administration duties to be undertaken. All these duties are a great way to get started.


If you would like to know more, contact the Chief Marshal Richard Beard