The British GT Championship Open Media Day where we had chance to meet the teams and get photos before they took to the track at Oulton Park.

Photos of the day below

DSC_0808 DSC_0811 DSC_0842 DSC_0892 DSC_0897 OTM_8188 OTM_8197 OTM_8240 OTM_8257 OTM_8264 OTM_8268 OTM_8295 OTM_8316 OTM_8333 OTM_8359 OTM_8360 OTM_8367 OTM_8371 OTM_8376 OTM_8378 OTM_8399 OTM_8400 OTM_8417 OTM_8468 OTM_8474 OTM_8480 OTM_8500 OTM_8539 OTM_8551 OTM_8574 OTM_8667 OTM_8709 OTM_8721 OTM_8738 OTM_8805 OTM_8806 OTM_8871 OTM_8876 OTM_8895 OTM_8896 OTM_8900 OTM_8913 OTM_8916 OTM_8921 OTM_8924 OTM_8933