Forge Action Day

Yes the silver Astra VXR Forge Car is back for another year for the biggest show of the year for such cars like this one, Forge Performance Action Day.

After taking part in the UK Time Attack a week ago at Silverstone, Bo had some issues in getting the car performing as it should.

We are looking at a new GearBox to be fitted before the final after some issues at Castle Combe of getting the gears in to action.


With Bo so close to the Final in Assens in a few weeks time, the car needs to perform well for the final, so coming to Castle Combe for this show is another great way to get the car out and put it through some tests, and to see how it performs under pressure.


With 3 points in the lead for the Dutch Time Attack, its really all to play for in the final, after a long year of travelling to Holland and not having a great start in Zandvoort, after a practice session went wrong where we had to replace the engine and full rebuild before the first race on the Sunday. All this happened within days with help from the guys at Speed Equipment and masters of food and vodka Marcel & Ronald.


What most people know, and for those that don’t know, Bo works on the car and maintains it single handed at his place of work where he has a unit where the car has been stripped back to bare metal at times and just the frame left standing, and it’s how a professional Driver like Bo can pin point things that are just not right with the car, and can investigate there and then without leaving it where the issue could get worse and damaging the car even more.


There is a lot that needs to be said for the sponsors that help Bo with Parts being sent out quickly and help as and when needed at show and events, and if it wasn’t for them, then this could not be possible in where he is currently.