Some photos from the biggest Car Show of the Year in the Motorsport Industry.

In stark contrast to most other motor shows, the real headline makers at the Autosport International show weren’t mainstream manufacturers.

Instead, the biggest news came from smaller, niche outfits producing cars for a specific target market, once again showing the variety and talent that lies within the lesser-known lights of the British car industry and beyond.

Zenos Cars was a prime example, with the emotion in former Caterham Cars CEO Ansar Ali’s voice very noticeable as he revealed his company’s new E10 sports car. The first of what will eventually become a three-car range from the firm, the E10 is now on sale for £24,995, or £28,995 if you opt for the special Launch Edition.

Ali admits it was tough going to get the E10 ready for its motor show debut, with the car not even out of the paint shop until 24 hours before the show opened its doors.

While Zenos may have managed to hit its deadline, elsewhere others had run wide of the mark. We were expecting Sin to show a fully-ready, road-going version of its R1 sports car at the show, but the Bulgarian company instead arrived with a hollow shell showing only the exterior of the car.

Still, the road-going R1 has plenty else going for it. With around 450bhp coming from its Chevrolet-sourced 6.2-litre V8 engine, CEO of the firm Rosen Daskalov reckons it’ll be good for a 186mph top speed, and a 0-60mph sprint time of less than five seconds.

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