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logo-transparentWelcome to CarsceneUK, one of the car industry’s biggest, up-and-coming news website. We’re breaking out into the worldwide CarScene – offering news, forums, photos and more!


 Created by Mark, a modified car and f1 fanatic, our site aims to offer a fresh take on all news in the UK car scene. We love reviewing latest events and sharing all our photos with fans like you. Haven’t been able to keep up with all the carscene news out there? Now you can.

The CarScene reinvented

What makes us different from all the other car sites out there? We aim to provide fresh and accurate content – every time. Along with up to date photos of events and news, we’re a never-ending information source for all things in the UK car scene today

If car’s are your thing, why not save yourself a little time by accessing all the latest industry information in one, easy-to-navigate location? Whether you’re looking for video, in-depth interviews or event listings – explore our site today!

We cover all type of events and nothing is too big or small as we want to cover all of the Car Scene and in time there will be more CarSceneUK Togs out there covering an event near you.

Covering a few drivers to name, one in perticular is Charlie Butler Henderson who races in the MINI CHALLENGE UK which I cover officially for the Series and work with Charlie in producing images for him for PR Use and Sponsors

13094250_1197846383573624_2662277009678021451_nWe are always on the lookout for modified cars and custom built jobs and really tell a story behind your build from the start to the finish, if you have such a task and want to get it published then get in touch and we will make it happen with some awesome shots of your ride.

The CarScene is very large now compared to 20 years ago, with new builds taking place, and more extreme cars coming out with more BHP than some aircraft but not more than a Dyson lol !!

CarSceneUK will in time hold Events and Meets in a controlled environment where safety measures will be put in place, and security if required to make sure everyone is safe but also has a good time.

I have set CarSceneUK up for those who love the Motorsport and can be part of it in a freindly manner and enjoy the sport thats in front of our Tv’s or at shows. I want you guys to have the details for the latest events and meets where some don’t always get the notice in time, which is why its important to share this site with everyone and sign up to the newsletter at the top of the page.



Photography for me started when i was working with Silverstone on the security team covering all the big event’s there and in charge and making sure the public was safe and passes were checked. Over the years working at Silverstone, i got to know people and speaking with official photographers and looking at some of my photos from my old Pentax camera, said i had an eye for detail, and should take it up as a hobbie and see where it leads. over a period of time a bought a Nikon D40 and done me well with the photos i got from it and taking photos of various events, and pretty much got hooked on getting decent photos and wanted more from what i had picked up along the way. I went to a few evening classes at the college to learn more of exposure and framing to many other little techniques, and then done some shooting with fellow togs out on events which is where i was let lose and felt where my style was going and thought i had todo this full time.

I set up a Photography company to mark me and my work, where i met a few people along the way, and started todo a lot of work in the Media&PR side of things of meetings and special events to awards ceromony, and Charity Work. I then hit the Wedding Scene and have done over 300 Weddings to date and can adapt in most cases to different style of shooting. I have worked with many Celebs and top names where i had the opportunity in working with them and continue to work with them in time to come. I have done a wide range of work in the Motorsport Industry which is where i like to come out and play, and get some aggressive shots that stands out from the crowd. I have done work with some teams in the Formula One industry to Formula Ford, Renault World Series, Le Mans 24 hr, Fia World Rally, RedBull Air Racing, Castle Combe Events throughout the year where i have many photos on there website after being commishioned by the circuit to take the photos. TruckFest is another that i cover with a Media company where i get to meet and take photos of there celebs which they have each year at the show, which is always a sell out. British Drifting Championships is an event i really like doing with grit and bits of tyre in my teeth which is when i know i have done a good job by getting stuck it and getting photos that our impacting. I have Sponsors who supply me Action Cams to put on cars to film HD footage who are called HedCamz which are awesome. I am from Exeter in Devon miles away from all the big shows, but i make every effort in making them and putting on a good show of photos when i get out of the south west.